schizo preset. it's just camicle opus with the crack prompt and a prefill i made myself. try for a good time. updated april 7th, 2024.
experimental prompt. i like how this one acts with opus better. updated march 10th, 2024
deepdrop prompt. works with claude opus.
let me know if you have any problems

unfortunately claud3 just really likes to cook on your behalf sometimes. experimental prompt has stopped most of this, but if you're having issues with it, try rephrasing what you're doing.
or just cut out the part where it speaks for you, like i do, lol

oh, a note:
you can turn off the repetitive prompt for experimental if you're on opus. i don't think it's strictly necessary, but sometimes it helps

slop preset. works with claude opus. don't actually recommend but it's funny and i want to save it here. you shouldn't hit many filters with this at least. updated march 25th, 2024
old: current version of ao3laude (thank you to crustcrunch for the original!)
haven't been hitting as many issues with writing for me with this version

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